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Special Handmade prayer wheels

Special Handmade prayer wheels is manufacture by the Tibetan people in the past. Nowadays special prayer wheels can be seen on every person hand mostly Buddhist People.  Traditionally special prayer wheel is blessed by the power to purify the negative vibes and karma of any beings.

It is so powerful in purifying negative karma. As a result, prayers wheels stop harms from spirits and also stop dangerous disease. Victim of Aids or cancer, if they believed in dharma, can use the  special prayer wheel for meditation and healing their disease. Sick people are warmly welcomed to land of medicine Buddha for several hours every day to turn the prayer wheels.

Every rotation of the wheels you can chant Om mane Padme hung. By spinning this special Prayer wheel daily, it helps ward off illness and accidents. This Special prayer wheel is made from copper, jade and gemstone.

Feature of Special Handmade prayer wheels

  • It blesses and purifies your body, soul and mind.
  • It is one of the easiest ways to purify past negatives karmas. 
  • It protects from spirits, ghosts and negative beings.
  • It helps to heal the disease from the body.