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Tibetan Pure Handmade Dim Singing Bowl

Tibetan Pure Handmade Dim Singing Bowl
Tibetan Pure Handmade Dim Singing Bowl

Tibetan Antique Tiger Singing bowl is more a mystery with a very different sound than any of my other bowls. It took me some time to connect with it. I find the bowl quite challenging and it has a strong masculine presence. It feels like it is pointing to a state of mind or an attitude that seems very direct and straight to the point without illusions, dreams or fantasies.

The sound is sometimes very physical at point inside the back of my head. Sometimes there is a feeling of a teacher or a teaching in this bowl - that really is priceless. Most of the singing bowls are originating from Tibetan Buddhist areas (Nepal & Tibet) and from other countries in the Himalayas. Singing bowls are used as sacrificial bowl or musical instrument, but also as a bowl to eat from. Antique tiger singing bowls from Nepal & Tibet are very rare and are now very difficult to find. Each singing bowl has its own shape, tone and color. 

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