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Handmade Etching Singing Bowl

Handmade Singing Bowls, a reputed manufacturer and wholesaler for different kind of Tibetan Handmade singing bowls. We offer Tibetan Handmade Etching Singing Bowl to all the retailers, Which are made in Nepal.

This Etching Singing Bowl is a harmonious masterpiece, designed for both healing processes and enhancing meditation experiences.

Key Features

  1. Skilled Craftsmanship: Local artisans in Nepal crafts this bowl and it’s is a proof of their dedication and skill.
  2. Soothing Soundscapes: This bowl produce resonant tones that create a serene atmosphere, making them ideal for yoga, monasteries, and meditation.
  3. Healing Properties: Beyond it’s beauty, this bowls offer healing benefits, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and chakra balance.

Worldwide Wholesale Export

Our major international markets are the Hungary, Austria, Canada, Italy, USA, UK, and Germany. As the leading name in the singing bowl industry in Nepal, we are proud to offer an extensive collection of etching singing bowl at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Our singing bowls have become symbols of tranquility, cherished by individuals worldwide. To discuss our Handmade Etching Singing Bowl or any other product, reach out to us.