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Handmade Prayer Flags In Nepal

Prayers flag is most essential part of the Buddhist religion. we can see this prayer flag all over the Buddhist house. It is colourful rectangular cloth. They are used to bless the surrounding and for other purpose. Traditionally prayer flag include text and images of Buddha. Prayers flags represents peace,sorrow and wisdom.

According to Tibetans, They believed the prayers and mantras will blow through the wind to spread the good will and peace into all the surrounding.Wind flow over the surface of the flags,it purify  and blessed by the mantras. The prayers of flag become a longlasting part of the universe as the images dissapper from liability to the elements. Just as life goes on and one prayer flag is replaced with the new one.

Model: HPF003
This prayer flag is beautifully made by hand. This prayer flag has got mantra in its. It blesses all the surrounding by positives vibes. It is 25 cm in large size. we can see this prayer flags on the top of the mountain or stupa or monasteries.if you would like to discuss or require any product then..
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Model: HPF001
Handmade Prayer Flag is very popular among the Buddhist religion. we can see this flag on the top of the Buddhist house, stupa or monasteries or mountain. It has got mantra on its pages. it is made up of polister and in rectangular shape. it is in small size.  It is 15 cm.This prayer flag can b..
Ex Tax:$2.00
Model: HPF004
If prayer flags hanged in the high places then it will carry the blessing on the flags to all beings.As wind passes through the flags it purified the is 33 cm XL size.This prayer flag can be found in different color like yellow,red,blue,green. if you would like to discuss or require any p..
Ex Tax:$5.00
Model: HPF002
Prayer flags can be found in various color like red ,yellow, blue,white and green which represent elements like air, fire, water and has got mantra on its flag (Om Mane Padme Hum) It is a combination of compassion,ethics,patience and wisdom. if you chant this mantra during mediation then it..
Ex Tax:$3.00
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