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Light Weight Singing Bowl

This Tibetan singing bowl is a little bit different from the singing bowl. It is light in weight. if you have no any interest in a heavy singing bowl tan you can use dis lightweight singing bowl instead. Both Heavy and light singing bowl are used for meditation and healing the pain and disease. It has got carving inside the bow which makes bowl more precious and beautiful. it is also used for decoration on the stupas and monasteries. if you would like to discuss or require any product tan kindly contact us. It will be a great pleasure to work if you.  

Model: LWCSB005
This light weight singing bowl is blue in color. It has got carving inside.It looks very beautiful and delightful.  It is made by hand with love and care. it is light in weight. it is easy to carry. nowadays, this singing bowl can be used as meditation. it helps to heal the pain and stress. We ..
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Model: LWCSB001
This Light weight singing bowls is brown in color. It has been carved beautifully by hand. It is crafted with love and care. It is light in weight. This singing bowl is easy to carry from one place to another place. It helps to decorate our home and yoga class.IT helps to reduce stress and pain.&nbs..
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Model: LWCSB006
This singing bowl has carving inside it. it is beautifully made by hand with love and care. it has got Buddha carving inside. it is light in weight and different and unique then others singing bowl.we have been working in this field since a very long time. we give our best to our customer. you can c..
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Model: LWCSB002
This bowls is light in weight and easy to carry in the place where we traveled. It is crafted by hand with love and care. It is beautifully carved with different design like Buddha ,flower,dragon,words etc. mostly this bowls is used to reduce stress and pain. It lower the anger and blood pressure. i..
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Model: LWCSB004
Light weight singing bowl produce vibration harmonics which is used for meditation and space clearing. This pleasant sound also helps to reduce stress and create a deep sense of peace. It is also used to relax our body and mind. This singing bowl is different from others singing bowl. it is light in..
Ex Tax:$20.00
Model: LWCSB007
Light weight singing bowl is followed from ancient period for healing the stress and pain of the is the friendly technology which has been used by many people around the is made from bronze. it is light in weight which is easy to carry when you travel.if you would like to discuss ..
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Model: LWCSB003
This bowl is yellow in color. it is beautifully carved by hand with love and care.You can design this product in various like flower,dragon,mantras etc.It is light in weight . it is very easy to carry and travel. It is very famous product all over the country. It helps to meditate in yoga class,stup..
Ex Tax:$10.00
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